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Who We Are
hand of an adult and a child holding a puzzle forming a heart together


Your child will learn the important values such as patience, sharing, responsibilities, compassion for others, communication, respect, and teamwork.

Essential Skills

Your child will learn essential skills that will make the transition into school atmosphere as smooth as possible.


Early Learners Advanced Learning Academy LLC provides children with an advanced learning experience that will encourage every child to achieve their maximum potential in a safe and nurturing environment. We offer developmentally appropriate practices that will foster excellence while creating lifelong learners.

Goals and Mission

The Mission of Early Learners Advanced Learning Academy is to provide an environment that is loving, nurturing with quality care and education that will foster excellence, prepare children for leadership, build confidence and the ability to excel beyond the expectations!

Our programs are designed to:

  • Meet children where they are
  • Develop safe & healthy habits
  • Foster positive self-esteem
  • Provide opportunities for creative expression
  • Support the development of social skills
  • Stimulate cognitive problem-solving skills with an emphasis on cause and effect, among others
  • Build and strengthen communication skills

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